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Yes to Salvation, but No to Submission?

To many, the Gospel makes sense. It seems true. It is accepted as a salvation orchestrated by God. The crucial second step, then, is if a person is willing to submit to God and His Word. If we finally grasp who Jesus is, there is no greater danger than to turn away from Him—the greatest sacrifice, the most loving Redeemer. What good comes from understanding the Truth, and then rejecting or forgetting His power and direction?

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A Prayer for My Daughter

Job rose up early. As the sky drifted from blackness to soft indigo to warm yellow light, he diligently constructed altars for each of his children, bringing sacrifices of worship on their behalf. The crisp fresh day his backdrop, Job asked Yahweh to watch his sons and daughters, to purify them, to make them right… Continue reading A Prayer for My Daughter

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How to Handle Victory (and Defeat)

Abram was on the top of the world. He and his men had swiftly and impressively defeated a band of kings. Lot, Abram's nephew, was now safe and sound, rescued from a dismal fate. An Old Testament reflection of Christ, the Priest-King known as Melchizedek, even bestows on Abram an incredible blessing. What he did next showed incredible faith.

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5 Scriptures New Moms Need to Hear

Free Indeed has a new website! Please visit this link to view the post in its entirety. I once thought that passing exams at Cornell University was my toughest challenge in life, but a few weeks after the birth of Amariah I had to seriously reconsider. Nurturing new life requires stamina and determination that far surpasses studious… Continue reading 5 Scriptures New Moms Need to Hear

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Word for 2017: Abide

There is a particular excitement that only arises around January. The warm nostalgia of Christmas fades and is replaced by the bubbling joy of a fresh start - a new year. The desire to begin anew and pursue self-improvement becomes contagious, appearing in the form of New Year's resolutions. Yet, as much as goals, plans, and… Continue reading Word for 2017: Abide