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A Prayer for My Daughter

Job rose up early. As the sky drifted from blackness to soft indigo to warm yellow light, he diligently constructed altars for each of his children, bringing sacrifices of worship on their behalf. The crisp fresh day his backdrop, Job asked Yahweh to watch his sons and daughters, to purify them, to make them right before His throne. What quiet devotion. What reverence for righteousness. What humble trust. All of this before the greatest affliction of his life.

This imagery came to mind upon reading Job 1:5, and it inspired a morning prayer of my own for my daughter Amariah. Let us pray this with the faith of Job, ready for anything that comes in the journey of parenthood.

Dear Lord,

You are mighty beyond words. How Great Thou art! You alone are holy. You alone make us new and make us Yours.

I lift up my child to you O Lord, I offer the sacrifice of my heart. May the blood of Christ wash over her, may her sins be thrown into the depths of sea. May she welcome Her Savior into her soul. May she see His compassion, His grace, and treasure them more than anything else! 

May she delight in Her Creator and King, and desire to serve You all the days of her life. May Your song be upon her spirit,  May Your Word be an anchor in her mind. May her peace come from Your salvation, may her joy come from Your praise.

When triumph comes may she worship You, when trouble comes may she still worship You. When she lacks knowledge, when she lacks wisdom, increase her fear of You. When she is downtrodden, draw near to her in comfort. When she is lost, may she always find you. 

Lord, empower me to care for her and love her as You do, to point her to You every step of the way. Lord, remind me continually that she is Yours. Yours to mold, Yours to use for your glory. May I commit her to You, everyday. Forgive me when my heart insists its own way, instead of listening to Your perfect plan. Her life is in Your hands, may this I always understand. 




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5 thoughts on “A Prayer for My Daughter”

  1. I’m so thankful for praying parents and grandparents who covered and continue to cover me in prayer. It has made a huge difference in my life. I aim to do the same for my kids. I love keeping a prayer journal for them and my husband that documents all the prayers God puts on my heart. I love to partner with His Spirit to stand in faith for them. It’s great fun to see God move on their behalf in matters He asked me to believe for them.


    1. Thanks for reading Jennette! That’s so neat to hear about the multi-generational prayer in your family. Praying to our amazing God is indeed powerful and an essential way to deepen our faith in Him. I recently started a prayer journal and I’m loving it so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing His faithfulness recorded on its pages!


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