Book Reviews




The Death of Christian Thought

LeMay writes with intensity, frankness, and urgency, seeking to explain how the Biblical worldview is dramatically fading from society. He exposes our liberalizing culture and compromising church in a way that is initially hard to swallow, but is a much needed wake up call! I appreciated his Biblically-based challenge to examine the sincerity of our faith, and explanations on how to take our thoughts captive to obey Christ. This is particularly a good read for educators, parents, and those interested in political philosophy, but anyone can benefit from its lessons.




Surprised By Faith

This book provides a solid overview of the abundant evidence for the Christian faith, such as the stand alone nature of the Christian God and the New Testament’s robust status as a historical work. Dr. Bierle divulges his reasoning with an academic style, but with great clarity and enjoyable anecdotes. His theological conclusions are very insightful and his personal experiences relatable, making this an excellent resource for students, those interested in apologetics, and anyone hoping to share information with a seeking friend!