Christian Fiction

Psalm 23

Her eyes fluttered open. Moisture. Green. Emptiness. Light. Quiet.

Why did she awaken?

And when did she enter a slumber?

Staring upward into a deep, cloudless sky, her face was cleansed by passing mist. Slowly, she lifted onto her bare feet, her toes embracing the crisp ground.

The expanse before her was a stunning pasture, of vivid grasses. Of a sure stillness, undeniable flawlessness.

Something had changed inside of her.

The silence was sweetly broken by the whispers of a stream. She turned to her right, and saw a blue ribbon sliding across the green field. Living water.

Before she knew it, her steps were alongside the stream, walking with its soft pace.

She faintly remembered that before this land, she was troubled. But for some reason, this pasture gave peace. It gave understanding, strength to make sense of that trouble.

The stream began to curve, following along a dirt path entering a dark valley. She knew it was time to return to the trouble, that it was necessary, but not forever. So she took to the path, walking as a rising Sun flooded the landscape, with the water bubbling beside her. She was not alone.




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