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Farewell, Season of Sun

Summer, oh Summer, why must I say goodbye?

Why are you the one season

whose exit in some way

makes me cry?

Is it because you are the time of freedom?

Of fun and fantasy?

Are your warm sun and long days…

meant to change every part of me?

Your months symbolize the times

where routine is broken

and hearts find life.

Away from the woes of school and work

away from the paths we normally took

You showed us our greatest joys

and our greatest pains

you showed us who we love and who we are.

You are loud of the liberating kind.

In your presence

we can shout, dance, run

in reminiscence.

In you there are moments of reflection,

as the foliage greens and has perfection.

In you God shows us peace

In you all comes alive and is revealed

as the world

…escapes itself.


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