Christian Fiction, Christian Living

Leaves Speak

The leaves speak, and I am alone with them.

They are the sons and daughters of the trees.

I came here for answers, for prayer.

I have a desperate need for solitude, yet the trees stand quietly, letting the breeze transmit their thoughts.

I listen, but end up thinking myself:

What the heart seeks is not complete

What the mind finds it cannot deny

What love exists must persist

What bitterness built is only guilt

What hope cries remains alive

What power given is easily rescinded

What is wrong is judged strong

What grace shown forever grows

What soul speaks will be listened to.

My thoughts paused. The breeze enclosed my ears.

All these creeds survive in today’s generation, as they have for thousands of generations. They emerge from human genes that never mutate. They show in every shape and form- from the ghetto to the mansions, the jungle to the grasslands, from the temples to the shrines, the schools to the mines. 

The leaves don’t know them, neither does the land. The birds don’t sing them, neither does the dolphin or the chimp. They are of Him. 


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