Christian Fiction


She was strolling down a frosty lane. Forgetting the temperature, suddenly she dropped down upon the icy sidewalk. The avenue was emptying. She had everywhere to go and everywhere to be. They were probably looking for her, or maybe not. She couldn’t be around others after what had happened.

He had left.

Her heart ached painfully, her body frigid not from the winter air but from her memory.

She was alone, and it was an alien feeling. Once again her mind was bare and her soul vulnerable.

How did he leave so easily? Where was the justice in it all?

Questions jumbled about her brain, and she was quickly growing numb. Tears would never come, because they had never left. She recalled his face- the soft brown eyes, crinkled grin, straight nose. Golden hair in tufts, hovering over his pale, oh so pale, skin in the gray hospital room.

They had told her he wasn’t the right guy. He would never understand her, or her, him. And once their relationship worked, there was cancer. They told her he would not last long, he was not strong. Yet he had lasted beyond anyone’s predictions. He was always a stubborn man, and then in their marriage he became a spiritual man. That’s why she loved him. She had followed her heart and wanted to follow his God.

And now this God was missing. He had taken away the one person that mattered, and vanished. As if He were ever there. She thought she had sacrificed everything to this God of her husband, and what was left? Nothing but her, enveloped by this empty misery.The one loss she could not bear.

“Why have you abandoned me? Why have you forsaken me?” The words slipped from her mouth, diffusing into the unforgiving evening. Snowflakes lightly dusted her body, and she was ready to lie there all night, until she could see the next day. Once the sunrise resets this piercing moment, she could say a bitter goodbye to her man and the Holy One.

Her eyes closed, she was ready to give in. To let go. She drifted… and heard voices in the distance.

O Come All Ye Faithful

Joyful and triumphant,
O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem.
Come and behold Him…

She remembered it was Christmas. Slowly she rose, and stared at the glittering colors lining the street. Smoke drifted from the chimneys. And still she heard the singing. It had been his favorite holiday. The celebration of his savior’s birth…

Because this baby was born, I was reborn. He had whispered from the hospital bed.  His weak voice eagerly explaining the Gospel. She remembered being confused by this sentiment. She had heard the “Jesus Saves” message before. But it was not until this time at his bedside that the news had resonated.

In my weakness Jesus shows His strength. Because of that baby, the world has hope. 

She was so happy he felt confident, nodding along.

Because of that baby, I do not mind dying. 

Her heart stopped. All her pending grief and exasperation was suddenly unbearable. She couldn’t stand to hear him say such a thing. She had ran from the room. When she returned a few hours later, he was gone.

Now she couldn’t forgive herself for missing his last moments. She had left him alone. But was he really alone?

Born the King of Angels;

O come, let us adore Him,

O come, let us adore Him,
O come, let us adore Him,
Christ the Lord.

She walked down the lane, toward the song, eyes fixed on the cracks in the sidewalk. When she looked up, she saw a little wooden church. People swayed to the hymn inside.

She went up the steps, and entered the door with a cross upon it.



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