Christian Fiction


Chills. In my spine, in my mind.

Faces refracted by the passing bus,

so many lives colliding at once.

Am I walking on grim pavement

or graying grass?

Will my steps always last?

Shoulder brush, then a bump

Was it a woman out of luck?

Maybe a man on a mission

only fulfilling his ambition.

Eyes wander to the world above

where geometric straws pierce the blue

and I think, I remember You.

While the tiny souls mill about

every mind eager to shout

you peer from the great above

from atop the manmade straws.

When white graces the ground

and scarves pull tight

when beautiful carols haunt halls

and home makes its call

there is holy silence.


The earth holds its breath,

counting the moments it has left.

It exhales with a deafening sigh

then icy vapors fly high.

And yet another end is near

because the human scope

is called a year.

I am not sure where I stand.

What nation, what thought I will next land.

But before I leave

beyond the grades, the pain, and sleep

a true life waits to be discovered

superior to any worldly pressure

its as crisp as morning air

tensing my face but refreshing my


toward a forever blue sky.

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Psalm 68:19


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