Christian Living


Whispers. Leaves flutter in the wind. Light patter of footsteps. Bell tolls in the distance.

Cold nipping at the face. Books pulling down the back. Hair whipping across eyes.

Echoes down every hall. Voices witness to life. Fingers tap the electronic alphabet.

Stars as a frequent friends. Cars as slashers of silence. Stairs as body trials.

Loss of style and gain of guile.

Neon numbers stare back ’til the sun comes round.

Watch other souls on the bus. Leave them to eternal anonymity.

Friendly glance or thoughtful shadow.

Alone in a world of many.

Many in a world of alones.

Mind and muscle ache, endurance pressed.

Brain solve that function. Speak that language. Write that report. Don’t settle for ignorance.

Remember the One who made you. Forget by the time Sunday comes.

Need the daily bread. Need the daily requests. Need the daily encouragement.

One day at time.



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