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Evolution of the Mind

The shine slashes across the window, slipping and diffracting between the blinds. It is afternoon. She sits very still, staring into the glaring sun rays. It is summer. Safe inside the cooled walls of a modern house she wonders. What out there has the power to inspire? Why must I be inspired? 

Some say humanity is simply a species consisting of advanced characteristics- complex gene networks, hormones, nerves, and reactions firing within a brain- leading to physicality. But how can she believe that the desires of her heart, beyond any animalistic need, beyond the need for survival, originate from a mindless molecule? How could natural selection lead to civilizations, religions, philosophies- to tears, internal fears, to intellectual epiphanies? The musings of mankind, and their supposed spontaneous existence via evolution, do not quite make sense to me.

Time is evolution’s excuse, that billions of years led to the thoughts she holds today. And while she agrees that all earthly, living factors change, she cannot completely attribute it to pure mechanical-natural distributions. Yes, organisms must constantly reinstate their place on the planet, but such adaptation is the same as putting on sweater on a chilly day, for the reasonable purpose of protection. Yet who designed that sweater, its beautiful hue and turtleneck? Why did our ancestors decide to leave so-called wild fur in favor of stealing a sheep’s wool? Why does the girl in the sweater leave her house in anguish, in despair, or maybe in hope and joy?

Are pain and the desire for forgiveness meant to be degraded by the musings and whims of psychology? Where do our dreams come from? Survival is a matter so cut and dry- do what keeps you alive. But REVIVAL, now that stands as another story, where a soulful renaissance burrows within each individual waiting to emerge.

She creeps closer to the windowpane, pondering the universal emotions of shame and success. Of morals. Of love. And the questions exit her conscience, soaring into the universe, the heavens.


As I soon begin my time at a university, seeking higher education, I know my studies and beliefs will clash. That some of the above questions will be answered, others not, and more questions sparked. I am ready to defend and test my faith in the classroom, to face doubts and battle with convictions. Open to all facts and logic, I will listen and filter the truth from the fiction, with God as my ultimate professor. Honestly, I am a little nervous about what I will be pushed to understand and accept. Is there a way where I can balance my mental dignity and spiritual identity? Of course there is. Either I trust the Lord and Scripture, follow my instincts and soul, or learn without a heart. The things worth learning are not that which turn me away from my Creator, but things that send me toward Him. And those “things” are subjects, ideas, and works that will aid me in making my own positive difference in the world, things that instill compassion and humility. Now, I am somewhat excited to fight for the truth.

Theories like evolution can be seen as the enemy. When trying to erase God from the picture, or when attempting to remove the exquisiteness out of humanity, evolution can be man’s way of avoiding moral judgment, inadequacy, and responsibility. It’s man seeing what it wants to see. People are always going to look for answers, when God is right in front of them. Yet if evolution really is a recent part of human ingenuity, a temporal science used to comprehend current life, can it be deemed worthy to be taught to the masses? Including the girl by the window. If evolution can somehow explain the full beauty of her need for inspiration, then its job is done. But I have the feeling that if it ever achieves this feat, it will be when Jesus Christ comes back among us.

Humans are the only beings on this planet that hope and consider (even secretly) for an afterlife. Everything else lives without question.

Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the whole world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.
Psalm 90:2

There is one God and one mediator between God and humanity, the human Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:5


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