Christian Fiction

Sound Contemplation

I search for the immortal mind, even while it’s on my bed-side. Before I lay down to sleep, its blessed pages I read with somber belief. The dreamworld hopes to creep over my reality, as it becomes a honest peculiarity. I follow the normal days of common life, eating speaking blinking with constant strife. Where or where did my thoughts go? Are they lost in the ever-blinding social snow? Quietly quietly or loudly too, laugh and listen to the world I must do. But behind all the fun and fair, beyond my need to edge despair, I lean on the One holy and above, to determine what I am to love.

Yet my body screams to move, to live what it must do- while it is trapped by time and mental crime. How will I reach the sublime? I try to scratch the doubt away, to reveal the beautiful and give it stay.  For now I stand tied to what lies nearby, while a purpose builds in me with a groaning sigh.

One moment I may soar to the highest mountain peak, through my whole sweat and devoted sense to seek. I will pass by the evergreens, thinking for once that all is primely clean. Then I am forced to retire to the city walls, where the future and unsaved long to belong. I’ll be torn by the force to help, even when I need it myself. Though I feel the want to break free, to run toward what I’ve never seen, I know that patience must be learned, especially from the Lord who desires it earned.

And while I sprinkle out this melodious speech, true and open about what I teach… I sit only to contemplate, because I know my soul is His to take.



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