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The End is the Beginning

We stepped onto campus in the name of education, to academically finish what we had started. They told us it would be the best years of our life. Back then we held doubts, and maybe still do… but it was inevitable, and is truly undeniable, that many laughs, cries, ideas, and achievements of a lifetime were to arise within the school’s walls.

Who knew that while we constantly changed, another world generation was being molded for the future? The tasks of reading, writing, and calculating were beyond and behind us, only a shadow to what we were about to learn about life. El Diamante became our second home five days a week, and now is a place where both delightful and dark times echo in memory. Identity was created through our personal freedom; through our friends, grades, activities and metamorphosis. We found, alongside knowledge and success, pieces of purpose that before were waiting to emerge. Our potential erupted into beautiful reality as we elevated Miner traditions of excellence in the classrooms, on courts and fields, or in the performances.

Our class was unique for countless reasons; one being our natural ambition. The motivation was there- to not only maintain El Diamante’s high caliber, but to push it to greater proportions. Individuals of this class united to form ten championship teams in every season- winning the saddle, valley titles, and respect. We transformed the Green Sea into a tsunami, and rioted from our athletic success. We stomped marching  bands across the state, sang across countries, and played in famous symphony halls. We placed in academic arenas and were passionate about humanitarian efforts.

We also had the studious and the stylish, the speakers and workers. We had artistic heroes and the drama queens and kings, the dancers and writers, we had the ultimate community. And a community cannot go without its tears and fears, its struggles and stresses. In order to survive the four years of what civilization calls high school, we were forced to cling to some beliefs and release old ones, be hurt by love and crushed by closed friendships. But the broken road must be traveled upon to reach a destination worth remembering.

Here we are, settling for graduation, while the tan halls whisper our names. The screams from the rally crowds, the bells ringing for lunch, the raised hands and clattering stairs, the bustle of early morning, resound. Our voices, minds and bodies were a part of that, of education. Traces of our existence lie within campus, inside the following students and remaining teachers, inside the new definition we made of Miner excellence. All this time we were gliding down the runway- slipping, sliding and steadying ourselves for this moment- when the track ends and we must soar in the direction we aimed for. High school allowed us to know people on a deeper level than we could imagine, only to build within us a need to break off our own ways. After all, for the past 12 years we have been learning about the world from behind a desk. Now the time has come to see it for ourselves, to learn its merciless and meaningful ways by experience. The world is waiting. Don’t let it shape you, because God designed you to shape it. Live with readiness to love one another and to step forward. Take that step, and maybe, just maybe, you will become legend.

Farewell, my dear friends, and God bless.

“Every beginning comes from another’s end.”


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