Christian Fiction

Sense It


Take a breath

Hold the moments you have left

Beyond the skies, to the stars

A spirit declares who you are.


See the sunrise

Don’t waste time for bets,

Seek trust in your last sunset.

HEAR the voices

And the infant’s cry,

Alongside the mother’s sigh.

FEEL passion in the air,

Leave the forgotten and the despair.

Watch all sidewalks

Step without looking back,

As manmade stone always cracks.

TASTE the languages of the world,

Every color, every smile,

Every little child.

SING songs of freedom

And of precious lines,

Remember it’s do or die.

Never break,

Only FIND the heavens 

To find your fate.


2 thoughts on “Sense It”

  1. honestly you write some of the most amzing things in the world. your writing just made my day amazing. =)

    i really love the poem..


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