Christian Living


In this moment

an ant crawls to a crumble

laboring for the sake of his colony.

In this moment

cars pass by in one second

men and women off to define their

existence by shopping errand or business call

consciences heavy yet empty.

In this moment

millions are drinking water

buying happiness

and praying to their Father.

In this moment

there are thousands of laughs and tears

hundreds of dreams and fears

cries for rescue and of joy

from things they cannot escape.

In this moment

a person feels on top of the world

and another wishes to leave the world.

In this moment

leaves sway in the wind

hair blows with the breeze

spirits fly from the earth.

In this moment

one is hungry and another is full

one is content and another distraught

one is weak and another strong.

In this moment

there are those living

and at the same time dying.

In this moment

there is both evil and good

change and constancy.

In this moment all can be saved

and are need of saving

but not all are.

In this moment all are the same.


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