Christian Living

Home Sweet Home

Every house has a humble beginning. A cement foundation, wooden framework, followed by constructive piping and roofing. The home enters existence through these architectural basics, containing the necessities for a shelter. In the same way, a person is born with modest characteristics: a name, parents, eyes and ears, and eventually a voice. As a house later receives its finishing touches, or the fixtures which develop its unique appearance, so an individual grows a personality that comes to define her. Yet this is just the beginning, because while that home may age, the family it holds leads the building of more houses- a community. Likewise, a being has the capacity not only to survive, but to reach out and serve her neighbors.

I found that while actions are relative in size, they can be equal in effect. A community is made up of diversity, adversity, and creativity. It can strive or face strife. As one member of it, with a house over my head, I must become intertwined with those ingredients through my work. I not only hope to help send my community in the right direction, but also to enliven it.


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