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Happy Birthday Mom!

In every night’s prayer, I always thank God for the blessing of you. When I think of where I am now, and where I expect to go, I only know it is because of your loving support and dreams.

Would I have passion for knowledge if you hadn’t read to me everyday? What could have replaced the best games of my athletic life, if you hadn’t dragged me to the recreation center to join volleyball? Would I still love to laugh and dance to any song, or giggle in any movie, if you weren’t here? Would I have this self-esteem, confidence and independence without your encouragement and praise? You have always known my potential, and remind me everyday of the beauty of the world, claiming I will become a part of it. You know me better than anyone else. The Lord knew no other mother could send me in the right direction of His glory.

Mom, you have a kindred, sensitive spirit that tunes to any emotion. You care deeply for people, and have a heart of selflessness. You enjoy the  simple joys of existence, and cherish family and friends. You hold them close, and find as much happiness in their success as your own. Across your life you have been a quiet leader, holding up the family with your character and determination. You truly love the kids and patients under your responsibility, and have great intentions and actions. All and all, I am who I am because of who you are. I guess this could have been more for mother’s day:) but I love you! Keep up the good work! haha I hope you enjoyed your birthday. ❤


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