Christian Fiction

Childhood Calling

Hop-scotch. Sidewalk chalk.

Squeeze that teddy bear tight.

Caring is sharing, don’t DARE fight.

Gallop around the block, squeal and smile around the clock.

It’s time to pretend, oh let’s be friends.

Color inside the lines, or outside, whatever you like.

Just comb your hair and bid daddy goodnight.

Stash the sweet treats, nibble bubble gum

with those loosening teeth.

Try not to chew with your mouth open, and isn’t

a good recess a good omen?

The sun’s going down but not our spirits,

the dark comes and follows who fears it.

Don’t worry about dinner, who wants to be the gang’s beginner?

You won’t be picked last, there’s more games to come.

After all, we are forever young.

But are we? The blur of moments past, time in its hourglass pours upon us at last. As it always will. I’m breathing still, the day is here. But as they say, things grow far from what they appear.

I come for more than breathing, I now can see and believe. I recognize the fallouts of the world, even as I slip in their tracks or cross the bridges over their depths. I am not innocent. I am not oblivious, ignorant, insensitive or oversensitive, I am not in bliss. But that is what makes me human. I had a youth, one that shaped my passions and motives. One that taught me right from wrong, slowly introduced choices and responsibility. One that let me go… once I decided to find my own meaning. That’s what it was- my meaning. God gave a start, and I feel he determines the end, but between those two doors life is mine. He offers many roads, trails, pathways, uncharted territories, which I can maneuver to find this meaning. I have the free will. And this freedom is for all, and all is for freedom.

I walk to the edges of the Earth, and since it is round, it is an endless journey. I join the cycle of survival, but as a human I am not looking only to keep my heart beating but my heart feeling. I look for companionship like any other being, but seek love attached along with my soul- to last into not just the next generation but the next universe. I chase after power, and knowledge. Not only to communicate with others, but to help others.

I take the times of my early years and see them alive now. Hop-scotch across the trials. Create yourself with real-life sidewalk chalk, as you stride down city streets. Squeeze God tight, and he will keep you from fright. Share and care, because what comes around goes around. Do not waste time fighting, grin and giggle at the day’s delights, dream about what could be, and make relationships. Do or do not conform, keep your reputation clean, and say goodbye to people that you meet. Hold on to special memories, even as your age washes away. See the positive, and feed off it. The day may end, but night cannot stop you. There’s only one chance in the game of life, don’t make the mistake of fearing failure. Because, if we are forever young, than we cannot help forgetting the wisdom of the old.


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