The Girls of Fall

It’s Sunday and there’s a storm. The time is midday, yet the sky glimmers like twilight. Ashy clouds hover on the horizon, carrying earthly tears of both joy and failure. Peaking around their folds, the sun squeezes light down toward human life. Damp sidewalks are pools of reflection, soaked and tired. In the Central Valley it appears the year’s third season has at last arrived, its cool clutches passing by in expectation of winter. Leaves are finally red, yellow, orange—bursts of warmth against the chilly air and evergreen towers.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. And now, as Autumn comes to be, for the girls of Miner Volleyball it is over. It was over when the scoreboard burned two numbers, numbers too close for comfort.

For the past four years this season has been defined by a sport so ingrained into my heart. The sport of one court, one net, and six players. The thrill of volleyball is beyond any boundaries. I discovered this with each match of my senior year. I did not understand heart and want, until I stepped to the service line. I did not capture the importance of unity, until one point depended on three hits. I did not witness victory, until screamed by my peers. I did not consider myself a leader, until the teammates I most loved made me one.

Tournaments, games, gyms, points, they are all the same in the end. The fight to the finish, or the drag to defeat. Win or lose. Sports are simple. Yet they manage to instill an adrenaline so addictive, so spiritual and joyful to the athlete. There are countless ways to describe the wins and dives, kills and shouts, that lead to the ultimate end. And one can be a fan in the stands, or the player sweating to survive, but the power lives on inside. I love this game. It has been worth every injury, cry, fall, disappointment, and loss, because those are what made the success happen.

Once again, I say,

Thanks teammates.
Thanks leather white ball.
Thanks fans, and the roaring Green Sea.
Thanks opponents, for the awesome competition.
Thanks for the long road, which leads to the best destination.
…And most of all thanks God, for getting me through it.
Glory be to you.

This is the goodbye, to Fall.


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