Homework. Not.

Set somewhat for an essay prompt…

Outside formulas and discussions, reports and speeches- beyond a class room’s walls- I find a world heavy with knowledge. The smile of a Sunday School second grader, the dutiful migration of a bird, the rhythm of break-dancer, the swing of an outside hitter, the brain and its individuality. These are the observations I take deeper than face value, the facts that once sifted from fiction, can last forever. Deeming reality as an ecosystem more complex than any theory, I realize its entropy worth studying. I have found through community involvement and personal exploration natural inspirations.

Like other toddlers, I had the young habit of asking, “Why?” The difference was I never stopped. Steering myself into science, the beautiful study of discovery, I gripped a curiosity never quenched.  In school I have been intellectually tested, simply by its work and grading, but not been challenged to believe something unheard of, or wander toward topics outside the box. I realized that these are what one must do for herself.

One chosen hobby is my simple studying of the Bible. Following the debate between science and religion, I joined without seeking a side. It was easy to become immersed in the book of Daniel, and equally in Darwin’s Descent of Man. These priceless documentaries became my textbooks, and defined the truth. Yet with the Bible I found a view that satisfied my soul. God.


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