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Who is she?

Me likes to peel bananas. Me likes to use improper English. Me likes slidey straws. Me is open about my internal systems. Me likes to put my phone in my butt pocket. Me likes itty bitty bags. Me can sleep anywhere. Me loves Disney.

Me is gonna be FAMOUS.

The identity of this “ME” is Jolina Michelle Lau. A Stanford student, possible mathematician, dreamer, and cartoon fanatic. Who cannot eat fruit but enjoys peeling them for others. Someone who embraces her quirks and laughs at anything worthy of it, who has been to France, London, Thailand, and beyond, plus is an only child. She eats gelato from an old man. She shoots out spontaneous insults and songs.

With that I would say she’s unique, actually quite the individual. But I am not asking you to be crazy about Mickey Mouse or French people like she is. Rather, I want the world to share “Jojo” Lau’s extraordinary ability to find delight in little details. She holds her favorites close, but secretly keeps her mind open.

We get caught up in generalities and stare at the big picture of life, wondering and worrying that our ideas won’t work out. While Jojo too has the great endeavor before her to be the CFO for Disney, right now she pursues laughs and education. She accepts her personal indecision seriously. So Jojo Lau doesn’t exactly live life on the edge, but she lives it with joy.

Wisdom: “Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that build your house.” Proverbs 23:22


2 thoughts on “Who is she?”

  1. great! She sounds wonderful! Maybe someday as ceo of disney she can get us free tickets! I would love to hear more about others at school. I bet they all have interesting stories.


  2. I loved your entry soo much! This girl is amazing! I really wanna meet her now! but after i go potty. =)

    Princess Peeler


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