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A World in Color

My eyes can see red. And blue, always green, oh purple, for sure orange, and forever yellow. They witness rainbows and falling crimson leaves in autumn, rippling reflections in pure water and the shining flashes of metallic buildings. I view every hue that nature reflects from the light our Earth spins under. So can you, I hope. After all, our existence tends to rely on the physical perception we hold about our surroundings.

So the problem lies not really before our eyes, but within our hearts. Our souls struggle to see life’s hidden colors, and get caught in a sensitive realm- one that flickers only rays of black and white.

Do our decisions, or choices, supremely need to be based on two extremes, one side over another? Can things be defined in simple language, with one sole perspective? The Bible says yes. Our God has set down the rules and regulations out of care for us, as a loving Father. The advice in His pages is so precise and straightforward. Clean cut. Yet when we try to apply it to our daily lives, which explode with bubbling chromes, the Lord’s sharp pieces of wisdom can become wavering and distorted in our eyes. We hesitate, stumble, forget- distracted, losing faith and focus in the pretty colors that wash away His beautiful classic Law.

In our modern society, doubts wiggle into our life, testing our discipline. We begin to question how to approach situations like Jesus would.

*Do we have:

Lust or love?

Technology as an idol or tool?

Retribution or reconciliation?

Races to separate or celebrate?

Money as a servant or master?

Hear this: “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

Maybe right now, as it is for me sometimes, it seems the workings of the world twist God and His words, throwing them away as waste and unlikely. Society challenges righteousness and trust against evil, and begs them to lose face. It’s only every refreshing Sunday when I repeatedly realize that this should be the reverse. Instead of letting the world achieve its human manipulation, we must take our holy knowledge about God and use it to transform the world.

It’s simple, a black and white. By cleansing ourselves and being the example of Christ, the world will know true hope and love. We can shift and gloss the colors, darken and mix the white and black paint of the Bible into a masterpiece.

Our hearts will finally see God’s glory blazes as an array of colors.



*Special thanks to Highway Community Church, who provided the core of the message.


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